Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Priming for the Adventure

In October I'll be spending much of the month in Australia, going to every Territory for workshops on a variety of topics, mostly around online interaction, communities and other such good stuff. In preparation, I'm starting a fresh blog. Hopefully the folks who I'll be gathering with will have a chance to log in here prior to my arrival at their "neck of the woods" and we can do a little online ramp up before we are face to face!


SwampHag said...

I was fortunate enough to spend three weeks in various parts (Sydney, Blue Mountains, Alice/Uluru) of Australia a couple of years ago and, due to a long relationship with an Aussie, feel like it's my second home..... you are going to LOVE it! And they're going to love YOU. They won't know what hit 'em, but they're gonna love you. *lol*

And you're going during a particular beautiful time of year when the trees will be in bloom. Enjoy!

(And if you have time, do the Harbour Bridge climb in Sydney.)

Denise said...

No fair, I want to go!

Jenny said...

Trust you leave time to take in the natural beauty of Australia. Biased, as I call Australia home, but just returned from a visit where we drove the Great Ocean Road that I highly recommend.
To me the power of Australia is the land, manifested in glorious sites but also its rich natural resources and proximity to Asia that fuels the economy. Nature of course also provides Australia challenges. 90% of the population lives on 10% of the land near the coast. In an arid continent that puts real pressure on resources especially water. Enjoy your trip. Look forward to reading your blog and learning more about the workshops you will be conducting.

Nancy White said...

Ah, great tips, all. Thanks. I can't believe how quickly y'all commented on the new blog. Wow!