Friday, November 24, 2006

More Audio and Pictures from ACT

A few more podcasts from my time in Australia are up. I am still avoiding listening to them. Denial? The photos are pretty funny.

Welcome to LearnScope - PowerPoint Slides, Audio, Pictures:
"International online facilitator and founder of Full Circle Associates, Nancy White, conducted a speaking tour across Australia during October 2006. Nancy was in Canberra on Friday 20 October and conducted a presentation and workshop before an enthusiastic audience.

1. Presentation for managers - with the emergence of more individually focussed tools that enable connection, how do we find the balance between the individual and the community? (1 hr duration)

2. Workshop for practitioners - the eight competencies of online interaction. (1.5 hrs duration)

You can download Nancy's PowerPoint presentations and listen to MP3 recordings of both her presentation and workshop below.

The Nancy White national speaking tour was organised and sponsored by the E-learning Networks Project of the Australian Flexible Learning Framework.

For more information on Nancy's speaking tour, trip and adventure to Australia, visit her blog

Nancy White's ACT PowerPoint presentations

Nancy White's ACT MP3 audio recordings

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Audio from Sydney Event - if you can bear it!

Thanks to the LearnScope NSW folks for recording the lunch presentation/thingie. I call it a thingie because we flirted with interaction with the group SMS tool and having the presentation and table discussions intermixed with lunch buffet.

Personally, I can't imagine listening to an audio this long (16.8 Mb 1hr 13 min), but I recognize that others can do it. More power to ya!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Podcast from Adelaide

As I mentioned earlier, I had the good fortune to meet up with Mike Seyfang and Dave Wallace (fixed my typo) (LifeKludger) and they decided to do an informal podast. You can find it here.

Audio and Video Feedback from Canberra

Marg just let me know that two short audio bits and two video feedback bits from our gathering in Canberra are up here. These are from Stephan Schmidt who was doing some informal podcast interviews on site, not presentation stuff!

Marg, yes, I do tend to focus on food. I have a bunch of pictures on "eating my way through Sydney" that I haven't blogged yet. Grin.

As always, thanks for the feedback!

What is a "Techno Hippy?"

Some of the Sydney feedback noted they perceived me as a "techno-hippy." Besides giving my family lots of laughs, I have been wondering what the heck a techno hippy is! :-)

The Urban Dictionary has a definition:
a modern version of the 60's stereotype, the techno hippie is left wing idealist,usually university educated, in a low income job, has multiple tattos, piercings and strange muilt-colured hair styles.

socially, the techno hippie attends out-door festivals and illegal rave parties, where large ammounts of drugs are consumed. also spends much time playing computergames and surfing, both the net and waves.

On Metafilter, a user name loquacious noted
"I'm more-or-less a techno hippy. Somewhere between gutterpunk and dirt hippy."

Isn't it interesting how we self identify? How we create labels that give us a way to identify others? It is fascinating.

What do you think a techno-hippy is?

That said, Techno Hippy seems to be a common user name, there are sites devoted to people who self identify as such (here, here and here) and in general, it gets a lot of hits on Google!

Stuff yet unblogged and the wrong side of the road

I got home safe and sound yesterday. One piece of baggage ended up taking a later flight from LA to Seattle, but all arrived. Now dirty laundry, getting back into the swing of work, and getting used to people driving on the wrong side of the road. Funny, I got used to left side traffic after 3.5 weeks. I'm glad my son was driving home from the airport and not me.

I had a chance to debrief with my hosting team via phone on Monday. I have not posted my playtime posts from Sydney (though the pictures are on flickr) and work will require that this get put on the "to do list." But I promise more reflection here over the coming week. For those of you who followed this adventure, or who were present at one of our gatherings, I encourage you to post your reflections as well.

Recorded Session from Perth "Hot Topics" Breakfast

Thanks to Ann Odgers, the Western Australia LearnScope Manager, there is a recorded Elluminate session that captured video, slides and Ann's commentary. The session title may be a bit misleading, as we did not talk so directly about communities of practice, but more broadly about how we do things together online. Thanks, Ann!