Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What is a "Techno Hippy?"

Some of the Sydney feedback noted they perceived me as a "techno-hippy." Besides giving my family lots of laughs, I have been wondering what the heck a techno hippy is! :-)

The Urban Dictionary has a definition:
a modern version of the 60's stereotype, the techno hippie is left wing idealist,usually university educated, in a low income job, has multiple tattos, piercings and strange muilt-colured hair styles.

socially, the techno hippie attends out-door festivals and illegal rave parties, where large ammounts of drugs are consumed. also spends much time playing computergames and surfing, both the net and waves.

On Metafilter, a user name loquacious noted
"I'm more-or-less a techno hippy. Somewhere between gutterpunk and dirt hippy."

Isn't it interesting how we self identify? How we create labels that give us a way to identify others? It is fascinating.

What do you think a techno-hippy is?

That said, Techno Hippy seems to be a common user name, there are sites devoted to people who self identify as such (here, here and here) and in general, it gets a lot of hits on Google!


Kerry Johnson said...

How far left you are perceived to be depends on how far to the right the person doing the perceiving is positioned...

Nancy White said...

Good point, Kerry!

TDC Refrigeration said...

How about this comment!!

A real live sandal and sock wearing head to toe paisley techno-hippy with authentic pony tail.