Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tech and Tools for the Trip

I've been encouraged to keep a journal of this Australian October Adventure so I figured I might want to add some tools and techniques to my repertoire. The first is mapping, mostly so my relatives can track me! Today I played with the trip mapper at Wayfaring. I'm not sure the new Blogger beta allows iFrames, but I'm about to try and find out! I put the first leg into the map to experiment - we'll fly out of Seattle and to Melbourne via Los Angeles.

I am thinking about what else I might use besides a blog. Pictures.. flickr, etc. Audio? Video? It has to be easy. My focus will be on interacting with people, not with my laptop and gizmos.

What would you suggest?


mike seyfang said...

Geotagging some FlickR photos is a must! [Use the new 'map' tab in FlickR organizr]

Would be nice for us aussies if you could post a map of the places / dates you plan to visit.

If I knew you were coming to my home town of Adelaide I would hook you up with Haighs Chocolates†

Fang - Mike Seyfang

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mike. I have flikr geotagging on my "to learn" list! Plus I will be posting a map, dates, etc as soon as I can get my act together. I will be in Adelaid! I'll be there Tuesday the 24th and 25th. I fly out Wed night.


(and interestingly, i can't comment on my own blog. I have to do it anonymously. Something is up with this Blogger beta!)