Sunday, October 29, 2006

3 Days of "Downtime" Starting with Saturday

I arrived in Sydney at my friends Bronwyn and Warren's house late Friday. The cab driver got lost on the way from the airport so what should have been 20 minutes turned into an hour ride, with lots of moments of him turning off the meter and trying to figure out where he was, but resisting my offer to "phone a friend" for instructions. Oi!

It was great to sit down, have a glass of wine, chat and decompress. Wonderful. I realized I did not have to put on make up one more time, I could wear my one set of "play clothes" and that there were no more powerpoint decks to haunt my dreams. The down side was that the excitement, meeting new and old friends and the chance to see glimpses of different parts of Australia was ending.

Saturday we has an easy start of the day, then drove south to the coast at Woollongong were we walked along the tidy little harbour and feasted on seafood. Mmm. I think food became the theme of the weekend. We watched the pelicans, scoped out the lighthouse and then drove back up the coast, stopping for views, tea in the national park. The changes from lush gum forests, to dryer scrub, to the clingy plants of the escarpment were beautiful. There was one cliffside where hang gliders lept off the cliff, road the air currents, then drifted to a beach waaaaay down. Warren offered to buy me a trip, but I had no adult nappies on to protect me when I lost it, jumping off the cliff, so I declined!

Finally we wandered home where I got to meet Rose Grozdanic F2F - Bron, Rose and I chatted for hours! It was too cool for a swim, but I was eyeing that for Sunday.

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