Saturday, October 07, 2006

In Melbourne!

After a VERY close call in between flights in San Francisco, (I think we were the last people to board before they closed the door) we made it to Australia. I have to say, Quantas has Northwest beat for long haul experience. I actually had some room to move, personal video screens and a nice dark, quiet plan for sleeping.

We are now in Melbourne, hosted by the warm and friendly Callahans. We went into town this afternoon, strolled on the South Bank and saw some amazing modern Aboriginal art that blew me away at the National Gallery of Victoria, Modern Australian Art. We snacked on rich artisanal ice cream, saw the Sunday South Bank Market and got a sense of the city.

The adventure has officially begun!

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mike seyfang said...

Welcome to the land of OZ.
Hope you have a great time in our beautiful country.
Fang - Mike Seyfang