Sunday, October 22, 2006

Saturday Breakfast Delights and Touring the Capital

Just before I left the states, I got a blog comment from Alexis Lebedew of the Australian Institute of Sports. He wanted to get together when I was in town as they are experimenting with elearning and online networks/communities to support coaches and athletes. It sounded interesting, so we set to meet for breakfast on Saturday.

Alexis picked us up and we met with his colleagues Gene, Hamish, and Keith, along with some of Keith’s family and friends. We had yummy breakfast and wonderful conversation that bubbled for two hours. They work they are doing, their energy and enthusiasm, was infectious. I could enjoy having conversations like this every Saturday morning. Then Keith volunteered Alexis to take us touring a bit. Nothing like losing your Saturday. He was gracious to take us to Mount Ainslie, then dropped us off at the Parliament Building.

The Australian Parliament building is built into a hill with a sod roof and soaring interiors. We saw both chambers (gum tree green and a pretty darn bright gum tree blossom pink!) lovely gardens interspersed between the buildings and of course, the HUGE flag flying up top. Seeing a country’s capital is part of getting a sense of that country. We enjoyed the tour, and then hoofed over to the National Museum for an hour of art before heading to the airport. This time we saw Australian art from a more European immigrant perspective which gave another perspective. (I’ve been focusing on Aboriginal art.)

The flight to Brisbane was easy on Quantas. I’m gaining a great appreciation for this airline, especially compared to US airlines! We hopped a cab to the airport. While we were checking in, a woman rushed up behind us, with my mobile phone in her hand. Had we perchance left it in the cab? Wow, what a lifesaver. I’m guessing they had already left in our cab and were a ways down the road and came back to give it to me. THANK YOU anonymous Australian hero!

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