Sunday, October 22, 2006

More Details on the Sydney Event

As I mentioned in the previous post, Thursday was the New South Wales Elearning 2006 meeting at the Randwick Racecourse. I have never been to a conference at a racetrack. Pretty cool. In the morning I looked at all the NSW LearnScope poster sessions and mini presentations. The highlight was a conversation with two wonderful women (pictures to the right - I need to find my notes with their names. I apologize!) who told amazing stories about how they were using online tools and processes to support all of the state outreach programs. Amazing stuff. What was so beautiful was the way they told the stories free of the techno jargon and a clear focus on community needs, not “start with the technology.” (I have not checked the podcast file yet).

At noon I did they keynote, this time with a totally different spin. Alex Hayes, a young techno-wizard from NSW LearnScope set up a group SMS system. We sent questions to every registrant’s mobile phone, they answered then we used the freshly compiled data in the presentation (again, framed around the Three Tensions theme). We also used questions DURING the presentation, including asking if folks learned something or made a useful contact in the discussion sessions, so I was on the spot. One person messaged from the toilet!

Afterwards Larry and Bronwyn picked me up for some R&R. We cruised down to the beach, starting at Bondi then taking the shoreline trail for a few kilometers south. Beautiful. We then went to see “The Gap” and finally ribs back in Bondi. Then off to the airport for the flight to Canberra. Well, more airport foo. There had been a security breach and the entire airport was evacuated. The whole hall was a giant set of snaking lines to go back through security. Needless to say, our flight was late.


jenmam said...

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for being so honest with this blog. I wasn't able to be at your presentation in Sydney, but loved the slides, and the blog has got me thinking not only about online facilitation, but also the differences between face to face and online forums and presentations. It is interesting that there are so few comments on the blog, but so many people must have attended the presentations.

Isn't Marie Jasinski a great woman? The other names you were looking for on this posting is the Dynamic Dot Waterhouse, and Vivian Evans.

Lesley said...

Hi Nancy

Jude and I meet you at the Sydney Conference and had a ball talking to you. We just couldn't get enough of you. Your presentation was just fabulous.
Coming from Sydney Australia @

Nancy White said...

Jen, I figure honesty is the only way I'll learn. Blogs are an interesting way to express ourselves. Sometimes it is a bit dicey, but what the heck.

Yes, Marie is a marvel. Thanks for reminding me of Dot and Vivian.

Lesley, I'm so glad you found your way here to post. I was so mad that I lost the little slip of paper with your and Jude's name. Ah, middle age senility. I was so energized by your stories. You made my day!