Sunday, October 29, 2006

Presenting in Perth

I know I've delayed a few days before reporting on Perth. I took the weekend off and even today I'm feeling lazy. I think that is a bit justified considering the pace of the last 3.5 weeks.

Last Thursday morning we did a "Hot Topics" breakfast in Perth around the Three Tensions. We had people both from the VET sector and industry and when we did the short conversational breakouts, I heard some great exchanges of stories. We also had fun when we talked about reification by taking a picture and the tech folks in the back showed spirit! I loved how they siloetted against the back window.

Ann Odgers, the local LearnScope coordinator, not only arranged to have the talk video beamed out to their remote locations, but she also hosted a live Elluminate session with the slides, the video and she put contextual comments into the chat box. She recorded it and one of her field colleagues has already said she wants to workshop it. So we put together a little worksheet on the Three Tensions and I look forward to hearing how the experiment goes.

After the breakfast I scooted back to the hotel, changed my clothes and caught the train to the seaside town of Freemantle where I wandered the streets, took in the Freemantle prison, a lovely children's art exhibition at the town hall and a yummy lunch of scallops, salad and a glass of white wine. Talk about indulgence! The picture are all on the Flickr group.

Friday as part of the Western Australia LearnScope gathering I did a keynote on the 8 Competencies and a lightening round 30 minute workshop in the afternoon on the "Individual/Group" topic. That is a very complicated topic to do in 30 minutes and include conversational time. Phew. I think I made everyone seasick. At lunch I was able to sit with local practitioners and hear their stories and always that is the highlight of my day, without fail.

Then it was off to the airport to fly from Perth to Sydney. I could not believe that it was the last presentation. Phew.


ali said...

HI Nancy I really enjoyed your presentation in perth - didn't get seasick at all! just my kinda pace! have found this link via your other blog so will keep a track of what your'e up to ...

Nancy White said...

Thank you! There is now a recording of the presentation - WA LearnScope Manager -