Sunday, October 22, 2006

Canberra Adventures

My day in Canberra was going to be a long and energizing one. We started with an Elluminate web meeting session on online facilitation in industry with a small group that was fairly new to using online tools. Then we went to a different Canberra Institute of Technology campus (CIT) where I did a keynote on Individual/Group using the Three Tensions followed by a workshop on The Eight Competencies. We again had a great group with lots of energy and stories. It was great fun for me, particularly when people shared stories of their practice.

After the three presentations/workshops, I had a meeting with Shawn Callahan and one of our clients, then dinner with my tour hosts, Cathy Baxter, Jyothi Jayaram and Kerry Trabinger. Kerry Manikis could not make it, but I send my thanks to the entire team for being such warm and gracious hosts both in Canberra, and for this tour overall. Then back to the hotel for a restful sleep. No need to do “homework” on a Friday night. Phew. LONG WEEK!

(Yes, I know I need to add pictures here.)


Toni said...

Thanks Nancy, for such a great afternoon, I learned lots and hope to integrate it into my planning as I endeavour to "cultivate" a community of practice. All the best with the rest of our tour

Nancy White said...

Toni, I'm glad it was useful to you. I have appreciated the chance to 'expose my thinking' and develop the ideas further.

Marg said...

Hi Nancy,

You might like to see the blog post we put up on the CIT Online Teacher Network about your day with us in Canberra! Stephan Schmidt passed on the audio to me, which you can grab from the site if you wish :o)

It's wonderful to read your tour experiences and it's always a pleasant surprise to find that in experiences like this, FOOD features rather strongly! Food and place, taste and memory, people and the wonderful ritual of eating together and sharing stories - beautiful!

Thanks for sharing!