Thursday, October 05, 2006

Trying Another Slide Sharing Tool

This time it is SlideShare. If this works, it might be very handy during the tour to share our slides, etc. Let me know what you think... better or worse than the Flickr trick a few posts back? It looks better to me. Also less work for me! The upload is a bit slow, which could be a problem if I have limited connectivity.

(And I have a few invites if you want to try the beta SlideShare service yourself!)


Mike said...

Great Blog! This application looks interesting. I am an educator and I am interested in an invite to SlideShare. Please forward to Mike at:

mic said...

Hello Nancy, enjoyed your knowledge tree presentation.

We're collecting tools for our Community Engagement projects (also part of the Australian FLexible Learning Framework), and would be delighted if you could spare an invite to the slide sharer :)

kind regards, michael chalk [michalk66 at gmail dot com]