Friday, October 20, 2006

Alex Hayes Plays Air Piano

Originally uploaded by sridgway.
At NSW Elearning 06, where I did Thursday's keynote, we did a fun experiment using SMS to send a question to the participants, have them answer, then throw the answers up on the screen during my bit. It was one way to start moving the energy in a "keynote" from the speaker and out to include the group. It also gave me another very important example of the critical skill of invitiation and asking questions. We look at these things first as technology, but they are at their core about social architecture and interaction patterns.

Yesterday, I did a keynote and a workshop here in Canberra to a great bunch. I have notes. I continue to have the delusion I will get them up. There are more pictures, many of them my husband Larry's, on Flickr (he is the official tourist, visiting as much as he can while I work, then telling me stories and showing me pictures at night!) You can click into the feed in the right nav bar.

Oh, and Alex, I want to hear that imaginary music!

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